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or need repair n service
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Full Preventive Maintenance 
Performing regularly scheduled preventative maintenance helps to avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly repairs. We offer 3 packs that can help. call use to discuss what might work better. ones a year 2 times or every 3 months. 

 Cleaning & Maintenance includes:

Scrubbing, washing & drying pool cover

Applying a vinyl conditioner to pool cover

Vacuuming & rinsing cover housing & tracks

Performing our multi-point inspection on system

We will advice if any parts need changing or if we notice a major or minor problem that may lead to a major problem

Rope Adjustments. Keeping your ropes adjusted will help keep your ropes and cover lasting longer. 
L.A Pool Covers Services. 
Repair work on any type of Cover system  
Repair work on your cover

Rope Repair
have a cover that only moves on side this might be do to a rope aliment or broken rope. 
Cover wont close or open
this might be due to a broken pin or electical problem. 
some covers have a shear pin and this pin brakes due to stress or ware n tear. also some covers wont move due to water level of the pool bring the level back and it might just start. 
call use for any problems you may experience

Reconstruction Of Old systems ... 

Rebuild Motors and system.. 
If you had your system flooded don't worry we can help. flooding dosnt mean u have to get a new motor of system  we can rebuild your old more like new and clean out Your system. most cases parts are under warranty and we can check and help

We Service all type of systems
cover pools specialist (PCS)
Automatic pool cover system (APCS)
and out dated systems out of production. 

Need  new Cover 

call us or check out our system  Aquamtic pool covers. we also make new fabrics for any system. 
have old cover cracking, leaking water or just looks old. 
Don't compromise the safety of your family or pets due to a old cover that i past its safety conditions. cracked covers can lead to bigger problems. 
Give us a call and we can help. 
we can do a in-home evaluation of your cover and advice you of the best approach.